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A blast of ice menthol tops off these fantastic mixes creating a frozen fruit vape exhale!
  • BLOOD ORANGE & GRAPE: Yeti Blood Orange Grape features a rare juicy blend of sweet black grapes fused with zesty and citrusy blood oranges. 

  • BLUEBERRY & PEACH: Mysteriously iced blueberries are pressed into a fleshy snowball with a sweet peach nectar. A berry cold liquid for all to enjoy.
  • BLUE RASPBERRY : Wild raspberries handpicked, crushed and slushed into a blizzard of profound flavour.
  • DARK FRUITS: Yeti Dark Fruits features a rare juicy blend of bold dark berries.
  • ENERGY: Charged with frozen crystals – reach dizzying heights with this bolt from the blue. 
  • HONEYDEW BLACKCURRANT: The perfect winter nectar foraged from the steepest icecaps, then laced with frozen currants.
  • PASSIONFRUIT & LYCHEE: An exotic vape juice blend with featuring tangy passionfruit fruit notes paired with sweet lychee dominating the inhale.
  • STRAWBERRY: From the slopes of the arctic circle, this indulgent strawberry keeps it 100° below.
  • WATERMELON: Deep in the frozen mountains, thick ice is chiselled away to reveal this luscious watermelon treat.
  • GRAPE: Devine grapes frozen at high altitudes, chopped and pressed into an icy mix. The perfect all adventure vape