R 200.00R 320.00


  • SQUEEZE PASSIONFRUIT & LITCHI LEMONADE –   Delicious Tropical Passionfruit and Juicy Litchi with Refreshing Sweet Lemonade.
  • STRAWBERRY BLACKBERRY LEMONADE – Fresh strawberry and blackberry with refreshing sweet lemonade.
  • BLUE RAZZ & BLUEBERRY LEMONADE – Candied blue raspberry and blueberry with refreshing sweet lemonade.
  • BLACKCURRANT GRAPE LEMONADE  – A delicious blend of blackcurrant, grapes and fizzy lemonade.
  • BLACK CHERRY LEMONADE – A delicious blend of black cherries mixed into a fizzy lemonade.
  • MANGO LEMONADE – Freshly squeezed lemonade mixed with Malaysian mangos slightly chilled.
  • ORANGE LEMONADE – Pungent orange mixed with a tasty lemonade blend.